"Because without roots, growth is impossible"

In a society and a culture, what are “roots”? Roots are the beginning and the life source of that which grows. All that is beautiful derives from one source, the roots. The festival is called “Roots” because without roots, growth is impossible. Without taking time to verse yourself in the  basis and foundation of a culture and a community, without those “roots” there can’t be dialogue and there can’t be development. Instead, we remain stagnated and trapped in a bubble of cultural appropriation, misunderstanding, and disrespect. Without those “roots” we cannot fully appreciate or understand cultures and communities that have had their voices stifled. 

The focus of “Roots Music, Art, Culture & Wellness Festival” is to provide people of color and women with a platform to come together, educate others about their culture, and normalize the conversation around healing, health, and wellness. The identification and retelling of our stories will pop the bubble of cultural appropriation, misunderstanding and disrespect of these disenfranchised groups.  Our goal is to begin a dialogue between the dominant cultures (East and West) which traditionally used people of color and women as commodities for trade and political gain. Our goal is to empower these demographics, make them part of an economy that once exploited them, and create a space that utilizes music, art, culture, and wellness to end the systematic prejudices of archaic and exploitative systems.


Roots Shanghai Coalition